9 Sweet Work Boot Treats

Work boots have never looked so delicious… Timberland tweeted this cookie creation early on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011. This got us to thinking–there have to be more sweets inspired by hardworking men and women.

Construction Worker

This hardhat infused cake was made by Shannon’s Custom Cakes.

Laboring in Frosty Temps

It would seem these edible work boots are perfect for those laboring in colder temps. Possibly this cake was made for a ice road trucker? via Flickr.com

The Lumberjack

There’s no question who this cake was made for… It might not be a fancy pair of work kicks, but this plastic topper would make any tree feller happy. via Cake Central

Live Wires

This lucky groom has a very supportive wife. via Cake Central

Coal Miner’s Cake

Equipped with a mini sugar pick ax, this cake can take on even the deepest of hunger. via Sue’s Sweets

 The Chimney Sweep

Celebrating the chimney sweep father. via Cake Central

The Trash Man

Garbage duty is a smelly job but someone has got to do it… luckily this cake is sugar scented. via The Snowball Effect 

The Rodeo

Representing all the wranglers out there. via Cake Central

Can  you guess the Timberland style that inspired this sweet treat? 

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