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Giveaway: Win Wolverine Northman Work Boots

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Wolverine Boots to give away a pair of their Northman boots this month! Don’t miss your chance to win these durable, American-made work boots.

Choosing the Best Work Boot

Searching for the perfect work boot can be a challenge. We help guide you towards the best work boot features for your work environment.

Wolverine’s New Line of USA-Made Work Boots

Wolverine introduces a new line of boots that are made here in the USA. Its recently released video details one of the styles in this line, the Northman.

Storm Cleanup: Don’t Forget About Work Boots

Work boots may not be the first thing that springs to mind during a storm cleanup, but it is one of the most important items to wear during such an event. Read on to find out the type of work boot you’ll need.

EdgeWalk: The Ironworker Experience

Ironworkers can’t be afraid of heights. Working hundreds of feet in the air, it would be difficult to focus on the task at hand. Some people are paying to walk high in the air like these employees. Canada’s CN Tower is offering visitors the chance to walk among the clouds. Check out the videos.

Top 10 Paying Jobs for Tradesmen

You don’t always need a college degree to make a decent living. In fact, a number of well-paying jobs may just require a bit of trade school or training. For the top 10 paying jobs that require work boots, read on.

Mike Rowe: The New Face of Cat Work Boots

Dirty Jobs has been on the air waves for more than a decade. The show’s creator, Mike Rowe, has laced his work boots up for more than 300 dirty jobs. Inspired by his adventurous nature and work ethic, Cat Footwear has announced its Mike Rowe line of work boots will be released this fall.

Timberland PRO Introduces Innovative Helix Safety Footwear

With the safety needs of workers in mind, Timberland PRO’s Helix provides long-lasting comfort. Combining innovative technologies with time-tested durability, Timberland’s new Helix series looks to be a fast success.

Moxie Trade Spotlights Work Boots for Women

Moxie Trades, a work boot company for women, ran a series of videos featuring women who wear work boots. The Canadian-based company continues to add more and more styles to its store.

Who Wears Work Boots?

Work boots are everywhere. So who wears them? Lots of people across the country don the protective footwear during their daily work routine. Learn more about what kind of work boots are out there and why so many rely on them.