Giveaway: Win Wolverine Northman Work Boots


Start your year off right–with a brand new pair of work boots! We’re teaming up with Wolverine to give away a pair of their premium, handcrafted Northman boots.

One lucky worker will win these awesome boots from Wolverine’s Made in the USA line. From a Michigan-based factory, craftsmen use time-tested methods and the best materials out there to create this spectacular boot that will get you through your workdays in ultimate comfort. The Northman incorporates the latest technologies, like Gore-Tex, rugged Vibram outsoles and Thinsulate insulation, to keep you performing at your best.

Wolverine Northman


  • Horween leather upper
  • Gore-Tex waterproof membrane lining
  • 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • PU insert with leather midsole
  • Vibram® 360° rubber lug outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Steel toe rated ASTM F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 EH.
How can you score this awesome pair of boots? To enter our contest, just leave a comment below that answers the question:

Where do you wear your work boots?

We bet our fans come from a wide range of trades, and we want to hear what they are! Whether its at a construction site, on a ranch, in an auto shop, let us know where you spend your days in work boots.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Entries will be closed on January 20 with a random winner announced on January 23. To stay informed on the latest work boot news, reviews and future giveaways, don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Contest Closed

Congratulations to Billy Wunstell Jr., who wrote: “Everyone likes to say how tough their job is and that is why they need these boots. Well I have a job that is just plain old tough on boots. I am a concrete pump operator and my boots have to hold up to wet and dry cycles on a daily basis along with mud and concrete which eats them up even faster. I have tried tons of different boots and I have found that the best boot for my money in Wolverine. You get a great boot for a reasonable price that goes the distance. I have been using them for about ten years or so and I am due for a new pair. ( Hint, HInt)”

So glad we could provide you with some great new boots, Billy!

196 Comments on “Giveaway: Win Wolverine Northman Work Boots

  1. I wear boot when riding my motorcycle to help protect my feet and ankles.

  2. I wear out the boots my company provides on patrols in factories and along railroad tracks. Gravel just tears up most of the boots I wear. I have a pair of non-steel toe Wolverines and I’ve used the last 4 years fishing and hiking here in the Northwest, but steel toe Wolverines would be perfect for my job!

  3. I own a lawn/landscape company in mid-michigan and wolverine work boots get the job done and your feet stay dry

  4. I wear my Wolverines both at home in Florida whether it be on casual outings with the family and even for work in the North Dakota Oil Fields.

  5. I have a tree removal and Landscaping business. These boots would be perfect for the job I do!!!! Ive been wearing Wolverine boots for the past 8 years and have never been disapointed!!!

  6. Nice looking boots, i work on a shipping dock and i need them warm and water proof.

  7. Love to wear my Wolverines everywhere I go… Hiking, working, just about anything…. I can really use a new pair…

  8. I could really use these. Currently a mechanic / restorator and i’m always in need of some really good boots for out in the shop as well as some landscaping jobs on the side.

  9. I wear my Wolverines Boots to works at a polychemical plant in SC. I work 12 hr days, in the heat and these are the best boots every. Great price and great for my feet!!

  10. I sure could use these new WOLVERINES to wear while at work, if I get these I can retire my present pair of WOLVERINES!!! :)

  11. I’m an organic livestock farmer. I practice traditional rotational grazing, so I’m constant walking about outside, regardless of the weather. On a working farm, it’s either a foot of snow, a foot of mud, sloppy wet, or blisteringly dry and hot–all bad for feet and boots. None of that matters though, since the animals need their nourishment.

    I’m always moving. I spend more time walking and working than sitting on a tractor, so I need a strong and comfortable pair of work boots. I also need boots to hold up to the normal farm activities like mending fence, timbering, or running after a wiley stray calf.

    Honestly, the imported junk is junk and just doesn’t last; consequently, I only buy American made boots. It only takes one piece of equipment to fall across your foot to appreciate American quality and craftsmanship. I also have family from Michigan, so I’m stoked to see Wolverine boots reinvest in American, unlike many of their competitors.

    Good luck to all, and thanks.

  12. I wear my boots while working in the pipe mill. Saves me grief from nails lumber and anything left laying around I don’t want stuff in my foot!

  13. I am currently a pest control technician, and I wear my Wolverine boots every day at my job. I deal with a lot of chemicals, walk in grassy, muddy, wet, dirty areas, and of course I deal with a lot of bugs and rodents.
    I am also a Range Safety Officer and I wear my Wolverine boots every time I go to the gun range.

  14. I wear my Wolverine boots every where these are the best boots ever made I’ve owend alot of different boots but Wolverine out last them all. IF YOU WANT THE BEST BUY THE BEST “WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!! I want to the you for the chance to win some awesome boots.

  15. Hubby wears his Wolverines while working aboard a towboat (coal barges) on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.
    28 days on/28 days off

  16. I wear work boots all the time. I wear them like lesser men wear Crocs. I wear them to ride motorcycle, work outside, hike, do construction projects, and nap.

  17. I wear my boots to the office. I’m not much of a “shoe” guy.

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  19. Where dont I wear them? Work,Riding my harley,most comfortable boots ever. I dont wear them in the summer when I have my short pants on. It does look kinda goofy

  20. Between working construction and taking the kids for a walk thru the woods. Would be nice to have a pair for when my feet get wet at the fire house.

  21. I wear my work boots in the air and on the ground. I wear them when i’m feeling down. I wear them on ladders and on man lifts and more. I wear them all the time cause the comforts to die for :) I am a Outdoor Sign Installer for a living :)

  22. We wear ours to work on the Dairy Farm. Winter is as tough as it gets with all the mud & moisture.

  23. …wear them for work as a supervisor at a Zinc plant and then for leisure on the Harley

  24. To be honest I have only ever owned one pair of wolverines. I wear my boots everyday in the oilfield and hunting. To be perfectly honest I was very dissapointed in the pair that I purchased and ended up not even getting full use out of them before I gave them away and purchased another pair of USA made boots of a competitors brand which I loved until the day they wore clean off my feet. Im glad to see Wolverine coming out with a USA made line and could be pursueded to try another pair for that reason alone. Thanks for the chance.

  25. My husband wears them for work in an auto shop at a construction company. These would be a blessing to have being work boots are expensive and we are on a tight budget. Thankyou ou for this opportunity

  26. I wear my Wolverines for work in the glass factory were they make Pyrex.

  27. Where do I wear my Wolverine work boots? Not to as many places as I’d like. I work in an office, so I love snow days for an excuse to wear them. Otherwise, weekends on the farm or shopping with the family. 18 hours in the Durashocks are like 18 hours of feet up in the recliner. AWESOME footwear.

  28. I wear my wolverine boots every day of the week. I own 3 pair for work, play and dress but could always use another pair.

  29. Golf course maintenance , wear planting cutting away on the course , riding my Harley , and out in the field when Hunting , I damm near live in work boots , Thanks G.F. Moroney

  30. Really good boots and they give me good value for the money
    Cite Franklintonb,N.C.

  31. Where do you wear your work boots? I work in a Hospital with a lot of laminate flooring and tile floors. How do the shows handle slip resistant issues? I can see they would be great getting me to work and all of the yard work at home. They look awesome…

  32. I wear my wolverines all the time. I buy at least one pair every year. I have a pair i wear at work, a pair to wearwhile working at home and a pair to wear while riding my motercycle. Wolverine is the only boot I wear, and trust.

  33. I work approximatly 65 – 70 hours a week so I wear them pretty much everywhere…I have worn them at church!!!! Hey…I made it!!

  34. I wear my Wolverine Logger boots that I’ve had for over 5 years now for hunting, hiking, backpacking, construction, and other jobs I have. I also used them when I go up cutting up firewood and messing around in the mud. I’ve never had a better boot and the price is unbeatable. They are getting worn though so a nice new pair would be great to have!!

  35. I deliver soda for a major soft drink company. I am female and love Wolverine steel toes. I am ashamed to say I tried steel toes from a big box store. After a month my feet not only hurt, they were wet and cold. If your feet don’t feel good you don’t feel good. Every year I buy a new pair of Wolverine’s, 4 years and counting. I would not buy anything else!

  36. I wear my boots every where that it is approriate to do so. I’ve used them when I worked in a warehouse that shipped out all the wildland fire supplies. And I’ve used them on the ski hill when I worked as a lift operator. I really wouldn’t mind being picked so I could wear out another apir of boots.


  38. Look, since ya’ll stopped making my favorite boot FXRG Harley Davidson Motorcycle boot I haven’t been able to find a pair that was as comfortable. I had 2 pairs that each lasted about 5 yrs each. FXRG 600gm thinsulate, waterproof and had the Ultra-Durashock soles. Please I need another great boot from Wolverine to ride accross this Great Nation on my Harley! Thanks

  39. Wolverine boots are the best made!! I don’t buy anything else!! I have worn Wolverine hunting boots for the last 30 years!! Can’t beat em!!

  40. would love to win so I could try out a pair of your boots have heard nothing but good things about them

  41. I love my work boots. I wear them every where. I work restoration and building manaince. I am proud bricklayer union member. I wear them to work to working around the house. If could I would wear them to the gym. I could use a nice warm pair for the winter.

  42. It’s like wear slippers when out working in the yard or out hunting in the woods. My feet feel great.

  43. Wolverine boots are nice they were my first work boots there goog boots for the inexpensive price

  44. Wore my wolverines all day, everyday… even slept in them at-times, until they disappeared! (Guessing family members weren’t as appreciative of how comfortable they really were!!)

  45. I wear mine in the office! In the fire permits department, we deal with lots of engineers, so we dress accordingly.

  46. I work construction and wear my boots every day. Would be great to have a nice new pair.

  47. Where haven’t I worn work boots. I’ve worn them on patrol then at home in the oil fields. After the price of oil dropped and everyone was laid off, I wore them on the ranch. Now, I wear them while working as an EMT!! A pair of boots is like a book. Each scratch and scuff mark has its own story to tell.

  48. Behold! Upon my manly (size 13 for the curious) feet, rest boots so marvelous they could not be known by any name but Wolverine. Supreme in comfort and definitive of durability, I would wear my boots while installing sprinklers, I would wear my boots as fancy dress, I would wear my boots with Henry Winkler, I would wear my boots when I wish to impress. There is nowhere I would not wear these boots. If, by some chance, Earth found herself in a perilous war of the worlds, I would defend my planet, lazer harpoon in hand and Wolverine boots on foot, from an international space station just outside the atmosphere. And when the evil alien hordes were demolished and I stepped back on Terra Firma, you can be good n’ sure it would be in nothing less than Wolverine boots.

  49. I wear mine to a camp and do some maintenance work as well as work with their horses horses.

  50. I’ve worn Wolverines for years. Throwing fire,welding Torching, Construction. They hold up well!

  51. I wear mine around the firehouse and while fishing and hunting. They are a great all around boot.

  52. I need a good pair of boots for work .I would wear these even if im not at work

  53. I would were them for work in Land Development and in the field and on the farm.

  54. I wear your AWESOME BOOTS every where. I would wear them while having sex if she would let me LOL!!! I could use a new pair for my new job with the Highway Department.

  55. Thats the AWESOME thing about wolverine they are confortable enough to be worn any where and every where even to church,

  56. I wear my Wolverine steel toes at work in the garage for safety, comfort and durability. I Love my Wolverine work boots!

  57. I wear wolverine boots when im on duty with my volunteer FD and a pair at work. Full-time job is roll forming steel tube for the automotive industry. Our coolant tears boots up and the concrete will wear your feet out. Wolverine boots are the longest lasting boots I’ve had, and at best that is 1 year.

  58. I would of course wear them to work, but also shopping, doing chores, driving, on a boat, in a moat, with my coat, on a train, in a plane… I could go on… =D

  59. My son and husband wear them to the job site every day. My other son wears his when hunting. I wear mine when I’m doing yard work.

    • i would wear them hunting fishing hiking working and all around use.

  60. I am so glad that my daughter’s daddy told us about Wolverines! Lifesavers up here in frozen Alaska! I wear my Wolverine work boots when I go for evening walks in the frigid cold winters everyday; no worrying if my feet are going to get frost bit if something happens. I wear my work boots when I am out plowing with my truck. I wear my work boots when I am out with the chainsaw getting wood! I love them!

  61. Wear my boots out hunting, at work and at home. Good boots are hard to find and when you do find them, they just never seem to come off the feet.

  62. I use my work boots in a wide range of areas, I use them in the Winter to keep my feet warm while I chop wood for the wood stove or when I plow drive ways, and In the summer I use them when I’m on doing carpentry work or siding on a house, but I never leave the house without my boots on cause I never know whats gonna come up on the site.

  63. I wear my boots everywhere! I love them, they are all broken into so they are so comfortable. I clean my Dad’s office on the weekend for extra money and I am on my feet for 4 straight hours and they are so comfortable to work in.

  64. I wear them working around the farm. Or just wear them anywhere, I love my boots.

  65. I wear my work boots doing chores around the house, out mucking about in the woods, hunting, fishing, pretty much everywhere.

  66. My boyfriend wears his work boots delivering packages. He also wears work boots for doing yardwork.

  67. My husband loves his boots.He wears them on a daily basis to work in a sawmill.Alot of walking .Requires steel toe for safety..

  68. I wear my workboots everyday doing home repairs and remodeling, often pro bono for elderly clients.

  69. Wolverine boots are the best! I don’t wear boots to work anymore, so I would wear them everywhere else! They would be great for gardening and working around the house

  70. My main job is resident maintenance foreman for my states dept. of transportation. On the weekend, I run a saw mill just for fun. Me and my family do everything from our own timber harvesting to cabinet grade lumber.
    I’ve tried every brand of boot out there and none can hold a candle to Wolverine. I’m in my work boots six days of the week and the other day I have on my other Wolverine boots for play. No matter if I win or not, I’m sold on Wolverine. Thanks to all at the Wolverine factory for your great product. Wolverine boots are built like a Sherman tank and feel like your walking on a pillow top mattress. Keep on making those great boots. Stay, “Made in the USA”! God Bless America!

  71. I would like these so mu husband could shovel snow and bring in the firewood this winter! Thanks

  72. I just bought a small farm. I’m going to need a good pair of boots. I’ll also wear them in the warehouse…

  73. I don’t know if you’ll heard about my story . I was huntting with some friends heir in FL ,we were using dog to run the deer out of the woods .I was down the road a little ways,when My best friend told me to load up .When I got to the back of the truck I was not wereing pair of your boots.I was wreing a pair of red wing. This was my 3 pair of boots which I will not own any more they dont hold .Now my foot slip off the bumper I ended up with a real bad spain going to probly in up in surgy! hope not ,gpt a mri today. I know I probley won’t win your contest I never to win,but I know my next pair of boot will be a pair of Wolverine Northman Work Boots so next hunttig season I wont have to worry about sliping and coming apart.And ending geting mi ankle work on.

  74. I wear them while plowing snow to help keep the public safe in winter months

  75. Where don’t I wear them is the Qusetion…Work of course (Concrete Contractor) the most comfortable boots I have ever had. Camping, hunting, dirt biking, out to dinner, to the In-laws. They are my go anywhere do anything shoes.

  76. My husband wears his boots non-stop he is a garbage man who works long hrs be it hot or freezing out, and nothing comes closer to being comfy, and safe then some good boots.

  77. I am in the water and wastewater industry and these would be NICE!!!

  78. Great for work and play. A new pair of BOOTS would be FANTASTIC!!!!!

  79. I wear boots all winter and give them a work out during hunting season.

  80. i were my work boots every where, there is nothing like a good pair of boots to make your feet feel at home. i work for a company that build sports arenas all over the USA we work rain show slet or wind.

  81. I like to wear them in the Colorado Rocky Mountains trudging through snow wherever I am. I can’t stand cold feet! :o

  82. I am a heavy equipment operator, I always wear wolverines, there the best for the buck, well worth every penny, I don’t win these pair ,I’m still buying wolverines !!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I work in a warehouse and wear steel toed boots. Always loved Wolverine boots, very comfortable on the feet and back.

  84. I wear my work boots for environmental drilling. I wear steel toe with internal metguards.

  85. I wore wolverine boots during my 20 years in the U.S. Navy and always loved the comfort. I now work in a warehouse and am on my feet all day and I wear wolverine boots. Would love an opportunity to try out a new pair.

  86. Loving me some wolverine boots all day every day. Been wearing their buckeye model for years.

  87. My husband works on an Army Post, He would love a pair, AND they are made in USA!!!!!!!!!..

  88. I am a sign electrician. I work outside year round. My boots take a beating from the elements and need to keep my feet warm and dry. I do most of my work in the Chicago region, so its always a cold winter and a hot summer. Whether I’m working on the ground or 100ft. in the air working on signs. my boots are one of my most important tools.

  89. I bought my son wolverine boots. He said they were the most comfortable boot he had ever worn. They are great when worn for extended periods of time. They stay comfortable.

  90. Being in the telecom cabling service industry I wear them at a lot of different places, but mostly I wear them while on-site at P&H Mining in Milwaukee.

  91. I work in a lot of oil and water wolverines get the job done only boot i wear!!!!!!!!!

  92. My wife and I have been building our own house since January 2008, which turned out to be a bad year to build a house. After 4 years of excavating, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing & landscaping we’re almost ready for the insulation. I’m also ready for a new pair of boots. Since begining this project I’ve worn out 2 pairs of PAC boots, 1 pair of hunting boots, 1 pair of work boots & 3 pairs of sneakers. Going into a Western New York winter, I couldn’t think of a better way to start a New Year than with a pair of these.

  93. Everyone likes to say how tough their job is and that is why they need these boots. Well I have a job that is just plain old tough on boots. I am a concrete pump operator and my boots have to hold up to wet and dry cycles on a daily basis along with mud and concrete which eats them up even faster. I have tried tons of different boots and I have found that the best boot for my money in Wolverine. You get a great boot for a reasonable price that goes the distance. I have been using them for about ten years or so and I am due for a new pair. ( Hint, HInt)

  94. I wear my work boots while on duty at the City of Oakland. Being in the Fire Department I am on my feet for many hours at a time. I work in the hill stations and during the summer fire season we are out conducting inspections on rocky ground. Love my Wolverine boots!!! Great ankle support and traction!

  95. I wore my work boots the past two months to ring bells for the Salvation Army.

  96. I like to wear them in the Colorado Rocky Mountains trudging through snow wherever I am. I can’t stand cold feet! :o

  97. I wear my wolverine boots when working at a zoo. I am a zookeeper at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park ( and am on my feet all day; rain, snow or shine. Zookeepers do a lot of hosing and even though my Wolverine Bonaventure Boot’s get wet every day, my feet stay dry. I’ve used these boots for over a year now and they are the first boots that have lasted me more that a few months. They are also my hiking/camping boots and usually my go to footwear for many other occasions. We have wolverines at our zoo and I love the fact that your company supports research on these amazing animals via the Wolverine Foundation, giving me even more reason to buy your products.

  98. I LOOOOOOOVE theese boots i would do anything for theese.
    i don’t have enough money to aford them i am use to disapointment if i don’t win them they are nice.

  99. I put them on to do volunteer rebuild work, because we never know what the conditions are going to be until we get there. I use them when painting and going up and down ladders. Good for the whole 8 hours.

    During the week I also where them when I keep them on because I forgot I had them on, they’re so comfortable.

    Sometimes, I polish them and wear them when I need nice but casual.

  100. when i am cutting wood or when i go hunting or fishing they wor5k out reaql find

  101. My husband would love these boots, he is an electrician and in need of some new ones. Thanks so much for the chance…

  102. I am posting this for my husband as I would love to win him a pair of these. He is a carpenter and works in all types of weather and these would be perfect!

  103. My favorite and only boots are proudly the (Wolverine DuraShocks® GORE-TEX® Waterproof Composite-Toe EH 6″ Boot (W02580)).

    They are fit to be worn all day at home, and they would do just well if you get a chance to land on the moon.

    Those boots are a combination of a comfortable sneakers (Thanks to the DuraShock technology), work boot durability (Composite toe, Electrical Hazard, Slip Resistant and Waterproof), tactical boot performance with features designed to overcome most elements (-Resists:-Oil, Water, Abrasion, Chemical, Heat and Slipping).

    I have those boots and wear them everyday for the last 3 years and they are as good as new. So far I can’t find any better boots, so if I get new ones it will be the same one again.

  104. I boughta set for work back in 09 now they are shot. These really are great boots. I also own a pair of work shoes and they are comfortable.
    Wolverine Boots are number one in my book.

  105. I nwear them at work and hunting……….I am doing neither right now and have them on………so i wear them all the time

  106. Wolverrine premium boots have great lace up design. Needing that design to keep my dexterity to get up and over the pipe casings on pipe barge. Hold up great in salt water environu.

  107. I’ve worn Wolverines for alot of years and they work great whether I’m Logging, Hunting, Fishing or Hiking. I recommend them to people all the time. Keep up the Great Work!

  108. I work construction, I work long hours most tha time, so I barely get too take my work boots off. Wolverine boots r by far tha best I ever wore

  109. I come home from my office job and put on my boots and leave them on until I go to bed – sometimes longer :)

  110. The question is “where dont i wear my work boots?” winter time, summer time, the job site, or the grocery store. Doesnt matter I’m always in work boots for some crazy reason!!

  111. I would wear the boots hunting and work around the house. My other pair are about worn out.

  112. I would wear them everywhere, including to bed if I ever got a pair. Living on a shrinking retirement here in MI & now the governor wants another $130 a month out of my already vanishing retirement. Sure would be nice to sport them about town here in MI during bad weather. A lot of my friends swear by WOLVERINE boots.

  113. my husband works for a power tool company and really needs a good work boot.

  114. I have had a pair for about 5 years and am hooked. Not only do you guys manufacture these great boots in my home state of Michigan, but you make a quality product as that picture clearly hows. Ive had a pair that’s lasted me through high school and I’m in my sophomore year of college and i still wear them to class or to shovel the driveway and when I’m camping or working in the yard. Keep up the good work Wolverine!!!

  115. My husband and I both wear Wolverine boots to work and play. We work in the shipbuilding industry.

  116. I wear them at work. Being a pipefitter I have to work in extreme conditions. They come in handy during the winter during the extreme cold temperatures.

  117. I wear my wolverines 7 days a week. Thats just how I role! Work, Play, Hunting, even out to dinner. My feet just wont have me wearing anything else! Thanks Wolverine youre #1 in comfort, quality, and durability. Keep up the good work!! – Jason

  118. My husband wears his Wolverine’s everyday when he goes out doing commercial and residental landscaping. Providing for his family in his Wolverine’s. So proud of him. Thank you for protecting his feet day in and day out.

  119. I’m an automotive student and I wear wolverine boots to school, work, and especially when I hunt during the winter months. Wolverine boots are the best boots I have ever owned.

  120. I wear my boots for work and after if I can’t put on my shorts because of the weather. I work on demolishion and construction sites. I’ve had a couple pair of wolverine boots over the years and they are the most comfortable ones so far.

  121. I love Wolverine boots, both at work and at play, they are just super, it’s cool!

  122. I just want to win baby! Plus I used to wear them at the fire station all the time.

  123. I love my wolverine boots. I use them all the time in the field…

  124. I have a pair but, different type and I loved them. They lasted me a long time. Hope I can win this pair.

  125. My husband wears his work boots in all kinds of weather, he counts on comfort, warmth and good traction!

  126. I wear my work boots when I’m out in the yard working or on my Uncles Farm. The boots I have, have seen a lot of wear and tear over the years and it’d be great to have some new boots with the spring planting season coming on. I have a lot of work to do on the farm this spring and having some new boots would certainly be a great thing to keep my feet comfortable.

  127. I wear my Wolverine work boots to work at the coal mine in Paonia, CO!! I’m a diesel mechanic in the shop and I occasionally work underground in the coal mine. I have other Wolverine work boots that I wear everywhere else…to dinner with the family, side work on the weekends, shopping, etc. Don’t go anywhere without ’em!

  128. i wear mine at work (construction), motorcycling, camping, atv… everywhere

  129. I wear my steel toe boots everyday.

    Location: Jobsite – east texas

  130. Great boots! I use to wear boots everyday when I worked in the jail. Now they are great for playing in the garden.

  131. My husband wears his to work building pole barns and I wear mine to work in an office. They are the best boots ever!

  132. These boots are great for those who work and play hard. Definitely made for endurance as well as comfort.

  133. I would wear them when i am helping my husband to work around the house.They will be perfect to protect my feet from snakes as well.

  134. I love Wolverine boots! I wear them everywhere. They are great for work, at the range, riding the bike, or shoveling snow.

    Thanks for the chance to have a new pair this year!

  135. I wear work boots to work, i work on diesel trucks and on the weekends i have chickens and Guineas to tend to.
    always need a good pair of boots!!

      • These would work well in the woods, cutting trees, clearing brush or driving the ’47 9N. Knowing the fit and feel, they would also be great while lifting a glass (no ice) of something at the end of the day.

    • I would use them to trim tree out of power lines. They look comfortable enough to walk 5 miles a day with a chain saw in hand. when I’m scrapping metal, I wouldn’t have to worry about heavy pieces of iron dropping & cutting off a toe or working cattle & getting my foot stomped with a mad bull not wanting to get into a shoot. Plus a around comfort for wearing all day.

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