Mike Rowe: The New Face of Cat Work Boots

Before the inception of the boob tube phenomena Dirty Jobs, work boots were just boots. Now it would seem that the footwear has acquired more meaning, representing the men and women who punch in at the crack of the dawn and spend their workdays on their feet. Armed with his banter and adventurous nature, host Mike Rowe quickly found his way in the hearts of Americans.

Following the success of the show, Rowe became the spokesperson for Ford. And now, according to The Grand Rapids Press, he will be the face… errr… feet of Cat Footwear, which is a brand of Wolverine World Wide Inc.

Rowe is no stranger to the work boots. For over a decade the Michigan-based company has provided the host with his safety footwear.

Mike Rowe on location at Meadowbrooke Farms in Carlisle, Pa. for Dirty Jobs Gourd Maker episode. via Discovery Channel website

“Cat saw me on TV and took pity,” said Rowe in a statement. “Actually, they took pity on my boots and called to ask if I’d like to wear something a bit more keeping with my line of work. I said sure and was pleasantly surprised to learn that, while tough, the boots that will bear my name are NOT constructed of yellow iron.”

Scheduled to be introduced this fall, the Mike Rowe Works by Cat Footwear will feature a few work boots and rugged casual shoes. The styles will reflect the footwear needs of those dirty jobs Rowe have tried his hand at in past shows.

Keep an eye out for Cat Footwear's Mike Rowe line this fall. via

“He has become an advocate for people who wear work boots,” said Kelly Ballou, marketing manager for Cat Footwear.

The Mike Rowe line of boots and shoes will fall between $100 and $130.

What was your favorite Mike Rowe, dirty job adventure?

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