Moxie Trade Spotlights Work Boots for Women

Women and work boots? The times, they are a changing. More and more women are breaking into the “work boots” line of work, which may include construction or carpentry projects.

While many argue that women can do anything men can do, there is one blindingly obvious fact that hangs in the air … women require different work gear then men. Let’s face it — women’s feet possess very different characteristics than men’s feet. Oftentimes, if women have to wear multiple pairs of socks to force a more comfortable fit with men’s work boots, which usually results in blisters anyway.

Moxie Trades offers women in the workforce better fitting boots. Marissa McTasney founded the company after running into difficulty in finding work boots for herself. In 2008, Moxie ran a series of videos that highlighted specific women who proudly laced up work boots every day.

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