Our 7 Best Work Shoes for Restaurants

Since waiting tables is a popular choice for summer break work, we thought we’d share some of our favorite restaurant work shoes. Your safety is important, and when you’re running around during dinner rush, you want to make sure you’re protected. At the same time, you’re there to make money–not spend it! That’s why all of these shoes are under $50. We’ll keep you on your feet and under budget with some great quality restaurant work shoes.


The Grabbers brand is made for young employees in the service industry, featuring a fun purple insole and high-quality performance. It’s lined with a moisture-wicking mesh, which helps keep feet sweat-free and comfortable. You’ll be able to focus more on your job and less on your feet.

Women’s Grabbers Ava, $34.99



The Converse work shoe brand mixes casual wear inspiration with hard-working functionality. The Converse Conveyor is a non-slip, non-metallic work shoe. Standing on your feet during those long double shifts is bound to take its toll on your feet, but these shoes use a special EVA cushioned insert to help relieve the pressure. And like all of the Converse workwear, these stylish shoes transition seamlessly from work to play.

Men’s Converse Conveyor, $46.99

Men’s Converse Converyor Slip-on, $46.99



You know how reliable those Michelin tires are? Well they incorporated that same traction technology into their work shoes, which means you get one slip-resistant shoe. But that’s not the only reason these shoes are high on our list–they’re built with a cement construction, so they’re super flexible and light for easy movement on the job.

Men’s Michelin Hospitality, $49.99

Women’s Michelin Hospitality, $49.99


These Rockport work shoes are easy to slip on and super comfortable. They’ve got high-quality leather that’s easy to wipe down at the end of your shift. Lined with material that helps wick away moisture, they’ll keep your feet dry and sweat-free. But the best part about these shoes is the EVA cushion insert and midsole that cushions every step. Your feet will feel their best, even after hours of work.


Men’s Rockport Ariton, $49.99

Men’s Rockport Julie, $49.99


What’s your favorite restaurant-ready work shoe?

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  1. Do you have or do you know where you can get size 17 shoes for restaurant work

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