Spring 2012: New Wolverine Work Boots

Get work ready with Wolverine this spring. They’ve unleashed some killer new work boot styles to make your feet more comfortable and your footwear extra functional.

Peak Anti-Gravity – The Rangel

The Peak AG (Anti-Gravity) series is a collection of non-metallic footwear that offers incredible performance and is designed to be the lightest boot you’ll ever step into.

New to the series this year is the Rangel, a style that combines waterproof protection with lightweight durability. For the easiest on-the-job movement, a direct attach construction provides the flexibility necessary. Wolverine has also added a rubber wrap to defend against wear from those rough and tough worksites, and an EVA midsole and Ortholite insole to add extra cushion. The Rangel will be available with an optional composite toe and 6”, 8”, or Wellington styles.

Peakflex Technology – The Bucklin

Wolverine’s PeakFlex midsole makes its debut with their new Bucklin boot, built for protection during those outdoor jobs. Think of PeakFlex as a midsole renovation. Wolverine reworked its entire structure, addressing the two stress areas of each step—impact and flex.

Graphic via wolverine.com

This innovative technology enhances comfort through two unique structural components that enhance comfort: a honey-comb heel design that expands upon impact to absorb shock, and a mid-section designed to mimic the movement of a spine for maximum flexibility through each step.

The Bucklin, a lightweight, waterproof boot, combines leather construction with a wave mesh interior that wicks away moisture. The PU footbed provides extra support and cushion, which is designed to help workers stay comfortable during those long days on their feet. It will be available with an optional composite toe and brown, black and taupe exterior to fit any workplace or uniform code.

Would boots with Peak AG or Peakflex Technology help make your job more comfortable?

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  1. What happend to wolverine? I used to swear by your product…NOW all i do is SWEAR AT IT… It is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwfuuuuulllll. Sorry Wolverine…this one is leaving the pack onto a better workboot brand..

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