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Mike Rowe: The New Face of Cat Work Boots

Dirty Jobs has been on the air waves for more than a decade. The show’s creator, Mike Rowe, has laced his work boots up for more than 300 dirty jobs. Inspired by his adventurous nature and work ethic, Cat Footwear has announced its Mike Rowe line of work boots will be released this fall.

Timberland PRO Introduces Innovative Helix Safety Footwear

With the safety needs of workers in mind, Timberland PRO’s Helix provides long-lasting comfort. Combining innovative technologies with time-tested durability, Timberland’s new Helix series looks to be a fast success.

Cowboy Boots For Every Wrangler

The technology that has gone into cowboy boots may have improved over the years, but they still pretty much look the same. Check out some of the major players in the business of cowboy boots.