Useful Stocking Stuffers for Blue Collar Workers

Whatever their trade may be—construction, plumbing, electric, mechanics, etc.—let the workers on your list know that you appreciate all of their efforts. Forget the candy canes. Instead, consider stuffing that stocking with a gift that they’ll use every day. To get you inspired, we put together this stocking stuffer gift guide for the blue collar professional.

And on second thought, they’ll probably want that candy, too.

Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff ($11.00) – Workers who spend the majority of their days outside will appreciate a pair of heavy-duty work gloves to keep them warm and protect their hands.

Blackhawk Medium Weight Boot Sock ($13.99) – These Blackhawk boot socks are made with soft Merino wool which helps protect against blisters, and the Elasthan bands help keep the sock from slipping or bunching in the boot. A great stuffer for those who are on their feet all day.

Pocket Floodlight (35.99) – No matter their line of work, anyone working in a trade needs a reliable pocket flashlight. This LED light is small but mighty.

O’Keefe’s Working Hands Lotion ($7.99) – This handy lotion for working hands can easily fit in any tool box, bag or glove compartment. This is something that your recipient might not think to grab for themselves at the store, but they sure will appreciate having it on hand!

The Griffin iPhone Survivor ($49.99) – This is the most durable iPhone case out there. Having your phone easily accessible is important while on the job, but in these work environments there are tons of ways a phone might be victim of an accident. This case is practically invincible (and if you don’t believe us, believe the guys who threw their phone through drywall without injury).

Switch Modular Pocket Knife ($59.99) – A jack-of-all-trades pocket knife makes a great gift that will not only be used on the job, but will be carried around every day. Get it engraved to add a personalized touch.

Pocket Laser Level ($25.00) – These laser levels are awesome, and their small size makes them great for quick measurements.

Master Lock Padlock ($23.99) – Someone who has valuable tools and expensive equipment can never have enough locks. Throw in a few high quality padlocks and rest assured they’ll immediately be put to great use.

Construction Master Calculator ($79.95) – Where there’s building to be done, there’s calculations to be computed. Give your worker the gift of number crunching.

What are some other useful stocking stuffers?

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