Work Boot Review: Magnum Excursion

When we heard Magnum was expanding their Work Safety line, we knew these were going to be tough boots built to handle the demanding needs of hard labor. Specifically the Magnum Excursion, which boasted so many comfort specs it seemed too good to be true.

Clearly, we had to test these bad boys out.

But since the most manual labor that my job entails is battling carpal tunnel from my keyboard, I enlisted the help of someone who spends their day on their feet.

That’s where Jeff comes in, manager of an auto parts store and man in desperate need of new on-the-job footwear. In exchange for these sweet boots, he promised to give us a down and dirty, honest review of how these boots stack up. And since Magnum designed these with extreme comfort in mind, we’re curious to see how they held up to 12+ hours on his feet!

Versatile Styles
The Excursion made its debut with six styles–three colors (black, dark brown and tan) and two heights (mid and low). The great thing about this variety is that you have tons of options in selecting a work boot that will fit within your uniform requirements. “We have to wear all-black shoes, and I don’t care for boots that are higher,” says Jeff. “It was nice to be able to choose a pair that met my uniform and were more casual, like heavy duty sneakers.”

Added Protections
“Sometimes we’re bringing freight in or making deliveries in the pouring rain, so it was important to find a pair of shoes for work that kept my feet dry. I haven’t had a chance to test these out in bad weather yet, but I did throw them on to do some yard work over the weekend. My feet stayed nice and dry, and didn’t get too hot even though the temperature was  on the warmer side. They were really comfortable.”

Safety Toe
“We do a lot of heavy lifting all day. My last pair of work shoes didn’t have any kind of safety toe, and I was always worried about having something fall and hurting myself. I like that the composite toe doesn’t make the shoe really heavy, so it’s easier to wear all day long. Having it definitely gives me peace of mind. ”

Slippery Floors
“The soles on these boots have really come in handy with deliveries. Sometimes the auto shops have a lot of oil spills going on, and it can be hard to make your way through. It’s a completely different experience with the bottoms of these shoes. I don’t have to be as careful walking through, which is a nice change.”

All-day comfort
“I’m on my feet sometimes for over twelve hours, so it’s really important to have support and a lot of cushion. I didn’t get as much cushion as I hoped for, but it was still a huge step up from my last shoes. I might get an extra insole just for a really cushioned shoe, but this one still provides a good amount.”

Excursion Features

  • Waterproof
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • ion-mask™ protection technology – repels liquids, resists bloodborne pathogens, stays breathable
  • ASTM-approved multiple impact composite safety toe
  • OrthoLite® anti-bacterial insole for long lasting comfort and support
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole for comfort and support
  • High-traction, slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole

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How important is it that your boots provide long-lasting comfort throughout your shift?

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